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‘Artists Go To Hell’ Coming Soon

13 Aug

Artists Go to Hell 2

Artists Go To Hell is a collection of fiction I wrote which will be available as an ebook on Amazon very soon. My ultimate goal is to make it available on other platforms and as a print-on-demand book. I don’t have an exact date set yet, but I’m shooting for sometime near the end of this month. I’ll keep everyone posted and give you a link to it once it’s available. 

Below is a description of the book:

All artists who manage to get some exposure, at the very least, are going to have to deal with their audience. At the very worst, they end up in Hell. Hell may come in the form of smarmy agents. It may be surreal prisons. It may even be sycophantic students, bad film scripts or journalists with ulterior motives.

There are lights at the end of the tunnel, albeit, peculiar ones. In this collection of novellas and short stories, a struggling actor takes solace in impersonating the kind of cop he used to play on television. A Greek philosopher decides that everything in life ties back to food. Hassidic Jews offer a safe haven to a man condemned for obscure crimes by subterraneous authorities. As bookstores around the world close, God sits in Heaven trying to figure out what to do with his human creations who have stopped reading books.

Made up of previously published works along with all new ones, the stories in this book form a whole which deals with what it means to be an artist in a blood-hungry world driven by its need for entertainment, pleasure and its neurotic tendency to destroy its own idols.